we’re both gross ugly meme spewing shitlords

Hey, I was scrolling through Tumblr and I saw my girlfriend answered a question about who she was dating, right? So I read it and got really confused because MY NAME IS NOT JACOB. I tried to message her about it and she's not responding and i don't know how to talk to her about it. What do I do?

I-I don’t know, uh, call her? I’m not an advice blog… T~T


Some simple, angsty RufiohxHoruss (AKA “Nacho Ship”) filk. Just wanted to contribute. :)

Download at Soundcloud source.


Do you remember being nobodies, discovering nothing was not that bad 
when shared as a pair, both lost and long suffering, hiding in a frightening land

And do you remember feeling that anger, yet so much love and “for what?” you wondered 
and now there’s no wondering, the wrong nervous muttering, no magic left at all

but I remember leaning against a backwards bent wing 
and awaking to feel that your touch didn’t sting 
when everything was wrong, I made so many mistakes 
and you helped me make them, but with presence and patience

all those wrong, awful, wild, amazingly childish decisions

I take a breath, and I know I’ve got to turn the final page 
but is our story really done yet? I guess I’m still afraid

But do you remember, just being honest, little bright moments of peace in the trees 
now it takes so much work to be with you, I’d say that I miss you, but for that you’d have to leave

but I remember once forever seemed too short a time 
though not long enough for me to make up my mind 
I would’ve thought eternity would eventually make me wise 
Enough to choose a side, not just linger undecided 
Why do I feel changed when we both have stayed the same 
it feels like something’s different, some ache too big to name 
When everything is endless and you’re nineteen yet again 
and you’re never flawed enough but you keep on pretending

wanting that desperate, “forget me not/do you love me yet?” ending

but there’s no ending. There’s nobody. Just two nobodies.



is it true that some people are able to maintain their composure when popular people like/reblog their posts


Today has been interesting because I have experienced both freaking out because someone I admire liked something I did, AND having someone  freak out because I liked something THEY did. S’like two sides of the same coin…