Yup, the contest has come to a close, the votes have been tallied and without further adieu the winner is….

GamzeeTavros! With 70 Votes! Wowza! That’s a lotta mothersmuckers!

Runner up, is EquiusAradia with 42 votes! Good fight, Eqradia!

Honorable mentions go to Karezi, With 21 votes. DaveJade with 14, Gamkar and DaveJohn with 13 apiece aaaand the 9 people who wanted to see me cry and voted for Hella Jeff/Secret Wizard.

Thanks to everyone who voted! Expect the GamTav song by the end of the month (I’ll keep AraEq in mind for the future). Hope you all have a fabulous February! :D

Love, Phem. <3

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    This is what happens when Sam puts out the call to the PBJ’ers haha! So excited for this!
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