Lonely on Valentines day? Would you like me to write a song about your OTP to cheer you up? :) I love you all and I would give you each a valentine if I could, but since I can’t, how about a song?

Go to the box down there and tell me what your homestuck OTP is (only one ship per person please, if you ask for more than one ship I’m taking whatever ship you say first). At midnight on valentines day I’ll count the replies and the ship with the most votes gets a full length song complete with track art no later than the end of February! :D


-Reply to this post with ONE ship you’d like a song for.

-Reply no later than 12 AM EST Feb 15.

-Reblogs and likes don’t count towards anything, but go ahead and reblog if you’d like idk.

-You do not need to be following me to vote. :)


Also I’m going to end this post with a question mark so Tumblr lets people answer this.


  1. blindgemiinii answered: yes!
  2. nyogu answered: Gamtavvvv
  3. destroyingtheangel answered: GamTav, pretty please
  4. bluh-chan answered: Tavriska?
  5. blacksheepc0meh0me answered: pretty please gamtav with peanut butter and jelly on top? }:oD
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  7. szelmowski-prince answered: GAMTAV (I know I’m five minutes late… D:)
  8. h0nk answered: Karezi
  9. prince--consort answered: Karezi please! 8) Looking forward to whatever it is, anyway.
  10. yasubro answered: DaveJane
  11. murdercube answered: equius<3aradia
  12. anluz answered: equiusXaradia
  13. glbgolybpeixes answered: katnep!!!
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  17. alphaverse answered: Gamtav
  18. quietmeli answered: GamTav!
  19. bijou-rex answered: Gamtav please?
  20. thesassylorax answered: Gamtav!
  21. chiarobee answered: gAMTav pleaseee!!
  22. boogoboogo answered: gamtav!!!!!
  23. kurloz-the-spooky-scary-skeleton answered: GamTav
  24. destructicons answered: equius<3aradia
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  26. cosmicapproach answered: Aradia<3Sollux!
  27. ninjanekochan answered: GAMTAV!
  28. paradoxgavel answered: Gamtav! }:o)
  29. pestergamzeeandtavros answered: Gamtav~
  30. keeyoni answered: Karkat/John
  31. hides-in-tree answered: Equius<3Nepeta please~
  32. equiuszahhax answered: Dirk/Equius„„„„„„„,
  33. princebonebun answered: Gamtav please! <3
  34. artisticmegaopolis answered: Oh wow, I wanna vote for EriKar but since GamTav’s getting more of the votes, I guess I’ll be going in that boat. I choose GamTav!
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    sorry, can i change my vote to equius
  36. bird-yaoi answered: gamtav uvu
  37. duchessofwraiths answered: karezi
  38. toonervoustotalktoyousorry answered: Um, Dirk and Caliborn? (I know it won’t possibly win, but putting it out there isn’t bad, right? u.u
  39. buttholefunparty answered: equius<3aradia
  40. teufortkid answered: VriTav
  41. officialbombman answered: gamtav love sonG
  42. moosemaiden answered: JakeJane
  43. daigunkaiarchive answered: my otp is johnkat but my vote goes towards equius<3aradia
  44. eusines answered: GamTav :)