An update fansong from Trickster Jane’s POV for your listening enjoyment. Download at soundcloud source. :)


Hello, my candy coated darling, it’s your vanilla baby
I’ve come to say I love you and I always have
I find it so amusing, I used to be confused and
afraid that you would never love me back

But now I see that we were always meant to be
you and me forever planting lots of family trees
counting out our children, half a zillion at least
we’ll name the boys for you and we will name the girls for me

Hello, the sour peach of my skin, the sweetest poison icing
so tasty it could rot your teeth and brain
The chaotic consumption, the diabetic gumption
to do a thing like make me go insane

and leave this plane of reality completely
float among the clouds of pink and blue cotton candy
let’s blast into space and race around like airplanes
spreading multicolored chem-trails, soda pop and acid rain

Feels so neat! Never wanna be myself again, I just wanna be SW—E—ET!
Feels so fun! Never wanna come back down…

Goodbye to heartbreak on my birthday, annoying boys who hurt me
with all the stupid things they do and say
I can’t even remember, what I was so upset for
Spun sugar melts in water anyway

So no more crying, dry those tears, I’ll end your pain
Soon you’ll feel the cherry syrup running through your veins
Heaven is a grinning face with not a trace of shame
Take a taste of every flavour, favour anything but plain

Feels so neat! Never wanna be myself again, I just wanna be SW—E—ET!
Feels so fun! Never wanna come back down….


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