I’d love to hear what you think of Taurus…! If you’re swamped with questions you can just disregard this though hehe

Ahh, that’s such a Taurean thing to say. <3

TAURUSES ARE SO GREAT, next to Aries they’re my fav sign (My moms an aries and my dad’s a Taurus so maybe that’s why) They’re stubborn but in a really cute passive agressive way, they can get lost in their own heads too like Pisces, but more like…if they don’t want to talk to you they just WONT. Like, totally brick-wall you haha. The strong silent type, or at least they try to be.

But they’re just really handy, decent people, they like to stay busy and have a project on the go all the time, and they keep their emotions to themselves a lot so even though they’re romantic and thoughtful you wouldn’t know it immediately. 

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