Your opinion on homestuck ending and the fandomstuck fandom

Well, I’m kinda glad homestucks ending tbh? It’s done some really weird stuff lately…like, bad weird? I guess? I’m still excited to see how it ends but like yeah i’m 23 now I wanna move on with my life, yo.

However, the homestuck fandom has been the best fandom I’ve ever had the pleasure to be in, I have never met a group of dorks I felt more instantly comfortable with than the people I met through it, and I’ve developed confidence and improved my skill in both music and art because of the inspiration and support the homestuck fandom has given me over the last couple of years. I’m currently in the process of making some potentially big moves with my music and I never would have even considered that before homestuck.

hometuck fans are among the weirdest, craziest, most talented and most fun group of folks I’ve come across on this internet of ours, I’m thrilled to have had the chance to be one of them. <3




All recent Bioware titles have allowed fans to romance specific supporting non-player characters within the games. While Dragon Age: Inquisition will continue the trend, the developer is improving the mechanic to create a larger variety of outcomes. For example, it was revealed that the way each romance unfolds can be very different. This can result in standard love affairs or even more comedic pairings.

Think of each type of romance in Dragon Age: Inquisition as a different kind of movie with every possible way that the love can unfold in the game is like a different genre. Depending upon how players choose to interact with different love interests, they may see the story unfold like a pure love story, a romantic comedy, or even somewhat like a buddy action movie. Of course, should fans not want to romance anyone, the option remains to fully skip the romance system.


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love me sten ;A;


love me sten ;A;



A Dragonfaerie King and his General. I’m sleepy. -,-


Flight Rising is open for registration until 5 today by the way you should all join it’s fun it’s like Neopets but you can breed dragons and it’s more baddasssss.

Just a few more hours till this ends! (Psst, remember to tell em PhemieC sent you :D) 

Top 5 musicians.


1: Me (obvsies)

Jk, jk. Anyway, in no particular order:


Ben Folds

Ohbijou (band, not a solo artist)

Simon and Garfunkel

Regina Spektor

omg you have a flight rising too?? Do you mind if I ask for your username??

It’s PhemieC! feel free to add me as a friend. :) That goes for all my followers too btw.

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what flight are you? I’m arcane!

SAME AHHH!!! yay magic buddies when my first batch of eggs hatch I’ll trade you one if youd like! :D