Ok but can we all agree that Aveline Vallen doesn’t get nearly enough love from the DA fandom?

Yo, were you homeschooled too? (I was until just before high school and I ran into that problem a lot, people thinking I was stupid because I didn't know how the public school system worked.)

yup, exactly same boat as you, friend. Up until grade 9. I didn’t know a lot of things that are just memory drilled into kids heads. like how many weeks in a year, long division, that you had to ask permission to leave to go to the bathroom, things like that. :P

Don’t shame people for not knowing how to do something you think is common knowledge.

The reason someone doesn’t know something is simply that they were never taught it. It does not mean they are less intelligent than you, It means that no one ever took the time to teach it to them. You got lucky that someone taught it to you or else you wouldn’t know it either. So stop.

i have to go to bed but to everyone asking for hugs

My Name Is Finn And Yes An Internet Hug Would Be Great Can I Just Apologize For My Rude Behavior And Is That Juice Cup Still An Option

of course hun :)

I was literally just about to sending you an ask saying how I thought Jaden would eventually end up talking to you about emotional stuff and needing a hug, omg. I'm psychic.

nobody sends anon hate without needing a hug at some level.

I just realized. If anon possesses the grammatical quirks of Kanaya Maryam and Will Smith's son, would that make them a... Jadenblood?

The Only Reason Im Even Talking Like This Anymore Is Because You Wouldnt Be Able To Recognize My Asks Out of Everyone Elses And I Do Know Who Kanaya Is And Yes Your Gifs Are Funny And Your Music Is Actually Really Good But I just

having a bad day?

like seriously that internet hug option is still available yo just say the word

And What If I was This Kanaya Person Anyway

"what if?"

Juice Is Overrated And Anyway I'm Alergic To Napping

no wonder you’re so grumpy aww